What makes a Kingsdown®mattress extraordinary?

Craftsmanship has been the hallmark of Kingsdown mattresses for over a century, but what truly sets us apart is our devotion to decades of sleep research which has led us to a deeper understanding of the impact mattresses have on sleep quality. Our research informs our design and ensures that every exquisite Kingsdown mattress is meticulously crafted to deliver the life-changing benefits of healthy sleep so you get the kind of sleep that nourishes your body, renews your spirit and fills you with a newfound vitality when you awaken.

Helping people sleep better is why we do what we do, and it’s why we’ve consistently held ourselves to higher standards than other mattress manufacturers.

“Helping people sleep better is why we do what we do.”

What you will find inside the Kingsdown Mattresses

  • Airflow Technology

  • Gel

  • High Coil Count

  • Ideal Temperature

  • Natural Materials

  • Personalized Support

  • Smart Technology

kingsdown mattress

Not sure which mattress is for you? Try bedMATCH

Ask your Infinger representative about completing your sleep profile and taking a short sleep test so you can know scientifically which beds will give your unique body the support it needs. Special pressure imaging technology will determine your exact pressure points so you can get the right materials for proper spinal alignment.

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