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Custom Upholstery Great Room Sofa

Customizable Studio Sofa

Marquee Club Level Double Reclining Sofa with Power Headrests

L9 Sofa

Crescent Power Sofa

Custom Upholstery Petite Sofa

Custom Upholstery Cottage Sofa

CU.2 Sofa

Smith Brothers 203-10 Sofa

Smith Brothers Conversational Fabric Sofa 393

Smith Brothers Fabric Sofa 5362-10

Marquee Club Level Power Reclining Sofa

Williams Club Level Double Reclining Sofa with Power Headrests

F9 Sofa

West End Power Reclining Sofa

Slipcover Sofa 1313-01

Sofa 366-10

927550 Sofa

If the living room is the heart of a home, then sofas & couches are the heart of the living room. This staple piece of furniture is often the focal point in terms of style and functionality. That’s why our team takes time to discuss style, budget, space and function with our customers. Below we list our best selling sofas that we know you will fall in love with.

 Should I get a sofa or sectional—which works better? That really depends on the amount of space you have—and your taste of course! If your room is on the smaller side or you just prefer the look of multiple pieces, try a sofa with maybe a loveseat and accent chair. If you’ve got a large great room, you could try a sectional or still go with a sofa. It’s your choice!  

Do you have reclining sofas? Yep—manual reclining and power reclining sofas are here!   

What’s the difference? Our manual reclining sofas have a lever you pull to kick your feet up, while our power reclining sofas feature buttons. There are two options with power reclining: dual and triple. Dual-power reclining has an adjustable headrest and footrest, while triple-power reclining has both of those and adjustable lumbar support. Power reclining styles also come with bonus features like charging options, memory seating, cupholders and more.  

Make more of your family room with a couch. From leather couches to sleepers, finding varieties to fill any home is easy.